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Simon Jose N (Founder)
NVT Commerce PSMVHSS Kattoor,Thrissur

Aspiration means the drive or yearning to do something.
Inspire is the ability to stimulate creative activity.

“Aspire to inspire”
means the drive we have to inspire ourselves and others, making a difference in everyone’s life. This is the divine power. This happens mostly to the people who are spiritually uplifted. Once the person aspires, he/she recognizes their capability to inspire others as well. This kind of person is a team player for he/she will boost morale and keeps the momentum flowing. An aspiring individual is ambitious, hopeful and enthusiastic.
Many leave this planet with their music still inside them, and what a tragedy that is. Maybe, all they needed was someone to inspire them to believe in themselves and realize their potential.

How amazing it will be if you were the giver of that gift!! To sum up the meaning of the phrase
“aspire to inspire before you expire”,
it simply means to positively influence an individual into action so that they fulfill their innermost desires before they die.
But do not forget to let the inspiration flow through you, so that you too experience an inspired and meaningful life.

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