+1 VHSE Management

Plus one Management Study Materials

The study notes provided below are compiled with the help of professors and teachers with experience of over 20+ years. All important topics of each subject have been covered by these plus one notes. These +1 notes will provide you an overview of all the chapters and important points to note.

Download PDF(All Chapters)

by Simon Mash

The PDF notes would enhance students exam preparation for an organized presentation of the answers. As it is differently prepared for all subjects in each batch, it would be much helpful to all students. Click the link to download the notes.

Management1_full.pdf Simon Mash (Eng with Mala) 1.8 MB 63(A4)
Vijayabheri Malapuram 20-21 English with Malayalam All Chapters 4 MB
Reji Thomas T English All Chapters 1 MB
Reji Thomas T Malayalam All Chapters 1MB

Higher Secondary Text Book

As the class rooms have been elevated to hi-tech level, it is also possible to provide visual presentation of text books in class rooms. LCD projector, lap top etc are now available for this purpose. Moreover, SAMAGRA portal is created to share study materials. Text books can be downloaded in PDF format for the teachers and the students.


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