Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two Text Books

Download SCERT subject wise text book

XI English
XII English
XI Malayalam
XII Malayalam
XI Hindi
XII Hindi
XI Physics Part 1(English)
XI Physics Part 2(English)
XI Physics Part 1(Malayalam)
XI Physics Part 2(Malayalam)
XII Physics Part 1(English)
XII Physics Part 2(English)
XII Physics Part 1(Malayalam)
XII Physics Part 2(Malayalam)
XI Chemistry(English)
XI Chemistry Part 1(Malayalam)
XI Chemistry Part 2(Malayalam)
XII Chemistry Part 1(English)
XII Chemistry Part 2(English)
XII Chemistry Part 1(Malayalam)
XII Chemistry Part 2(Malayalam)
XI Mathematics(English)
XI Mathematics(Malayalam)
XII Mathematics Part 1(English)
XII Mathematics Part 2(English)
XI Biology-Botany & Zoology(English)
XI Biology-Botany & Zoology(Malayalam)
XII Biology(English)
XII Biology(Malayalam)
Computer Science
XI Computer Science Part 1(English)
XI Computer Science Part 2(English)
XI Computer Science Part 1(Malayalam)
XI Computer Science Part 2(Malayalam)
XII Computer Science Part 1(English)
XII Computer Science Part 2(English)
XII Computer Science Part 1(Malayalam)
XII Computer Science Part 2(Malayalam)
Home Science
XI Home Science(English)
XI Home Science(Malayalam)
XII Home Science(English)
XII Home Science(Malayalam)
XI Accountancy(English)
XI Accountancy Part 1(Malayalam)
XI Accountancy Part 2(Malayalam)
XII Accountancy Part 1(English)
XII Accountancy Part 2(English)
XII Accountancy Part 3(English)
XII Accountancy-Computerized Accounting(Malayalam)
XII Accountancy-Not for profit organizations and Partnership Accounts(Malayalam)
XI History(English)
XI History(Malayalam)
XII History Part 1(English)
XII History Part 2(English)
XII History Part 3(English)
XII History-Indian History Theme 1(Malayalam)
XII History-Indian History Theme 2(Malayalam)
XII History-Indian History Theme 3(Malayalam)
XII History-Themes in Kerala History(Malayalam)
Islamic History
XI Islamic History(English)
XI Islamic History(Malayalam)
XII Islamic History(English)
XII Islamic History(Malayalam)
XI Geography Part 1(English)
XI Geography Part 2(English)
XI Geography Part 3(English)
XI Geography Part 1(Malayalam)
XI Geography Part 2(Malayalam)
XII Geography Part 1(English)
XII Geography Part 2(English)
XII Geography Part 3(English)
XII Geography Part 1-Fundamentals of Human Geography(Malayalam)
XII Geography Part 2-Indian People and Economy(Malayalam)
Business Studies
XI Business Studies(English)
XI Business Studies(Malayalam)
XII Business Studies Part 1(English)
XII Business Studies Part 2(English)
XII Business Studies Part 1(Malayalam)
XII Business Studies Part 2(Malayalam)
XI Sociology Part 1
XI Sociology Part 2
XII Sociology Part 1(English)
XII Sociology Part 2(English)
XII Sociology Part 1-Indian Society(Malayalam)
XII Sociology Part 2-Social Change and Development in India(Malayalam)
XI Philosophy(English)
XII Philosophy(English)
XII Philosophy(Malayalam)
Computer Application(Commerce)
XI Computer Application-Commerce(English)
XI Computer Application-Commerce(Malayalam)
XII Computer Application-Commerce(English)
XII Computer Application-Commerce(Malayalam)
Computer Application(Humanities)
XI Computer Application-Humanities(English)
XI Computer Application-Humanities(Malayalam)
XII Computer Application-Humanities(English)
XII Computer Application-Humanities(Malayalam)
Political Science
XI Political Science Part 1(English)
XI Political Science Part 1(Malayalam)
XI Political Science Part 2(English)
XI Political Science Part 2(Malayalam)
XII Political Science Part 1(English)
XII Political Science Part 1-Contemporary World Politics(Malayalam)
XII Political Science Part 2(English)
XII Political Science Part 2-Politics in India Since Independence(Malayalam)
XI Economics Part 1(English)
XI Economics Part 1(Malayalam)
XI Economics Part 2(English)
XI Economics Part 2(Malayalam)
XII Economics Part 1(English)
XII Economics-Macro Economics(Malayalam)
XII Economics Part 2(English)
XII Economics Part 2-Micro Economics(Malayalam)

How to download Higher Secondary NCERT text books?
Like the SCERT text books, NCERT text books are also available in digital format. To download NCERT text books, click the link below and enter. Then give class, subject, title of the book and click ‘go’ button. You can download the text, chapter wise or completely.

How to download Higher Secondary SCERT text books?
Let us see how to download the text books published by SCERT for Class 1 to 12 (Higher Secondary) students in Kerala. Click the link below to enter and select English/Malayalam in ‘Select Medium’, select class 1-10/plus one/plus two in ‘Select Class’. Then give subject. The PDF link of the text would be then available below. If the text book is not ready for download, ‘not available’ message will be displayed. Click the image below. The text books for the Class 1 to 12 (Higher Secondary First and Second year) students are now available in English/Malayalam Version

Download Plus Two Commerce Text Books

  • Accountancy PART 1
  • Accountancy PART 2
  • Computerised Accounting
  • Busines Studies PART 1
  • Business Studies PART 2
  • Download Plus ONE Commerce Text Books

  • Accountancy English
  • അക്കൗണ്ടൻസിമലയാളം  Prat 1
  • അക്കൗണ്ടൻസിമലയാളം  Prat 2
  • Busines Studies English
  • ബിസിനസ് സ്റ്റഡീസ് Malayalam