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Senna School Anniversary performance

Senna School Anniversary performance on Jan 8 2014 at her School


Post by Binet Binu . Post by Binet Binu .

senna's 2nd formative assessment August 2013

Senna UKG 2011-2012

Senna simon 1St STD progress card

Senna simon 1St STD  progress card

Her UKG Progress card

UKG Achievements

UKG Achievements of Senna SMON

Senna Prizes Ist STD

Senna Prizes Ist STD

Senna Dance at St Francis 2012

Senna UKG

senna at lkg

LKG progress report 10-11

LKG progress report 10-11

Senna LKG Achievements

Senna LKG Achievements

Senna simon At CHAVAKKAD beach

Senna simon At beach

Today her 2nd Birthday.............. Thaaaaanks .......... God ........