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Pompei St.Mary’s Vocational Higher Secondary School, kattoor

This school situates at Kattoor, abut 9 Kms north of Iinjalakuda town. It was founded in the year 1887 with the hard efforts of Alappatt Kunjippalu and has been functioning so far for a peirod of 122 years. It was the first one to be upgraded as a lower primary school in Irinjalakuda area in the year 1918. Later in 1932 Government upgraded this school as a high school. At that time the students strength was 503.

This saraswathi Kshethram has the rarest opportunity of being the basic study centre for a number of eminent persons. The first Asian lady chief engineer Smt. P.K. Thressia, popular writer Sri. Kochubava, Sri. Ashokan cheruvil, ‘The silver Elephant prize ( the highest position in scout ) winner of scout movement Mr.Abraham G.Panikulam, the former Vice chancellor of Cochin UniversityMr. Inassu,Sri Gunavardhanan IAS and great personalities in the spiritual field like Mr. Vishnu Namaboothiripad, Bishop George Alappat etc were the pearls in the treasure of this school ‘The best teacher award winner Mr. T.L Jacob and ‘silver Elephant’ Award winner Mr. Abraham G Panikulam wre the prominent teachers of this institution.
Our VHSS was sanctioned on the 18 th Dec 2000. Here we have two departments in our school. Accountancy & Auditing and Medical Laboratory Technician. These two courses are running smoothly without problems. We have a good school compound, a general classroom and well-equipped practical labs. We have a geed library and different organizations like English Club, Science Club, Natural Club etc. The Accountancy & Auditing labs are computerized. We have planted a beautiful garden and we water it every day. We have e a good counseling team of teachers. Students get relief from various strains while talking to these committed teachers. This help the functioning ofour school. It aims at creating social consciousness through community service. Our cultural club make its service felt in the school. We have a good Arts and sports System. The school aims at the total development of the student's, so that they become well equipped to face the challenges of the would. All programs here help to develop the various talents of the students. In the English club, students speak in English. They present program in English and overcome their inferiority complex. It helps in the development of their leadership skills. Mostly we have a goodfaculty of highly qualified and very efficient teachers. Our principal and manager also lead us properly. The teachers arranged many classes under several clubs for the development of the student's physical and mental growth. Our school is like a family and we are its members, unlike other schools we celebrate all festivals without any religious difference. We have a good yoga class and IT education by out own teachers. All the teachers have a free and friendly approach towards the students. We are all friends with out any kind of difference.

Mrs. T.M Nirmala, the Principal and Mr. Louvis Paul Panikulam being the school manager give leadership and enthusiasm to teachers, students and staff. This school with 100% results has now a strength of 335 students.

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