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St.ജോസേപ്ത്'സ ട്രനിനിഗ് കോളേജ്, Pavaratty

The CollegeRun by the Devamatha province of the CMI congregation, the college is managed by St Thomas Monastery, Pavaratty. The college had its humble beginning on 20th July 2005 with 50 students. The total intake is 100 and that was filled with the coming of the students who were admitted through the common admission process. Affiliated to the University of Calicut the college is approved by NCTE. The college offers training in 7 optional subjects: Malayalam, English, Mathematics, Physical Science, Natural Science, Social Science and Commerce.The campusThe college is the crowing glory of the St Joseph's campus that has a L.P. School, Higher Secondary School, the Monastery and the Church. The school celebrated its centenary in 2004. The church and the school building present the architectural beauty of last century. CMI CongregationCarmelites of Mary Immaculate, the first indigenous Religious Congregation for men in India, was started in 1851 by Blessed Cyriac Elias Chavara and Rev Fathers Thomas Palackal and Thomas Poorukara. It has its headquaters at Ernakulam, Rev Fr Dr Antony Kariyil is the present Prior General. The congregation is divided into 13 provinces and one region. The members work all over India and in the different countries in Europe, South and North America, Africa and Australia.Devamatha province, Thrissur is one of the oldest provinces and has 202 priests and 10 Brothers. There are 112 members who are at different stages formation. The Province runs many educational institutions including a medical college and many professional colleges, higher secondary schools and technical institutions. St Joseph's Training College is the first college of the province to train the future teachers.

College Motto and Emblem"Labor Omnia Vincit" This is the motto of all the St Joseph's institutions in the campus. St Joseph is the patron saint of all workers. Labour wins everything. It is through the hard work that we succeed in our life. It is the Holy Spirit that guides and lights up the life of the student who acquires wisdom that leads to his graduation.

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