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Regional School Festival

Thrissur regional vocational higher secondary school festival (vocafest)
Held at Ramavarmapuram Govt.VHSE. School on 10 to 12 January 2008. The following students are participate and get following grades

Name Item Grade
1) Navitha. P.G Watercolor A
Pencil Drawing
2) Yoosaf .T.S Mappilappattu A
3) JIbin Joshy Essay writng A
4) ChandrakalaP.J Hindi Resistration A
5) Ajith. P.k.
6) Sarath.O.S
7) Ratheesh.k.R
8) Vishnu Ravindran Parichamuttucally A
9) Akil.k.C
10) Sarun.M.S
11) Ragesh.P.R
12) Afsal .P.Y
13) Niveditha.P.K Story writing
14) Greeshma.v.p Light music
Classical music
15) Chithira M.S Malayalam Resistration
16) Rubitha K.U Arabic Resistration
17) Nimisha Mohanan Vocafair
18) Prasana T.P Vocafair

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  1. ok plz separate Grades of students