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Dear in Christ Jesus,

Here are the ejaculations-'sugruda-japams' [1 line prayers] and acts of love and goodness
for the first week of June dedicated to Sacred Heart of Jesus.
June:1st - 'Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.'
2nd - 'Holy Heart, which is merciful towards sinners, have mercy on me a sinner.'
3rd - 'Holy Heart of Jesus, show kindness towards me.'
4th - 'Holy Heart of Jesus, let all know and love you.'
5th - 'Sweet and Sacred Heart of Jesus, give me the grace to always love you.'
6th - 'Holy Heart of Jesus, be my love.'
7th - 'Sacred Heart of Jesus, burn the sacred fire of love, in my heart too.'

1st - Prepare a list of all acts of devotion which you would like to do towards Sacred Heart and do it honestly.
2nd - Pledge that I love the Sacred Heart of Jesus above all things.
3rd - Attend a Holy Mass in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
4th - As a sacrifice for all those who are against the Holy Eucharist, praise and adore HIM.
5th - Let us try to find out all the sins and repent.
6th - Meditate on all the blessings that the Sacred Heart of Jesus is giving us.
7th - Pray specially for all devotion-less souls.

Please pray and do this for the first week of June.
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