It is hereby notified for the information of the students who have appeared for Continuous Evaluation and Grading Scheme (Regular or Private) and became ineligible/absented in the Vocational Higher Secondary Examination March 2009 that the Save A Year (SAY) examination is arranged to be conducted as per time table at the 14 district centers appended with this notification.
Candidates who did not register for March 2009 examination are not eligible to apply for SAY/Improvement examination. Piece Meal Registration to secure minimum grade is not permitted in the SAY Examination.
I. Remittance of Examination fees:
Fee @ Rs. 50/- is to be remitted in a Kerala State Government Treasury under the head “0202-01-102-93-VHSE-FEES” for each paper of theory or practical observing the following conditions for each scheme. An amount of Rs.5/- is to be remitted for the score sheet in addition to the amount specified above.
i) Continuous Evaluation and Grading Scheme (Regular Students of March 2009 Examination):
This is applicable to candidates who have registered for Second Year Examination for the first time in March 2009.
Under this scheme candidate who failed to get minimum C grade in Vocational Practical and minimum D+ Grade in other subjects or absented can apply for all subjects for which he/she has failed to qualify. For Vocational subjects they need apply only for the part in which they have failed to qualify. For Non-Vocational subjects they need apply only for the theory part of the subject in which they became ineligible. At the same time candidates who wish to better the score already obtained for the practical of non-Vocational subjects can also apply for SAY Examination provided they will register and remit additional fee @ Rs. 50/- per Practical Examination. For Non-Vocational subjects if a candidate has absented for either practical or theory or both of a paper he/she will have to appear for both practical and theory examination.
ii) Continuous Evaluation and Grading Scheme (Private Students of March 2009 Examination):
The candidates who had appeared for the Vocational Higher Secondary Examination in the previous years and registered/appeared for the Vocational Higher Secondary Examination March 2009 and secured minimum grades or above in all subjects except one can appear for the one subject for which they failed to secure minimum grade.
IMPROVEMENT (only for Grading Scheme)
Regular candidates (Continuous Evaluation and Grading Scheme) who have appeared for March 209 Examination and became eligible for all subjects can appear for improvement of any one subject along with the SAY June 2009 Examination. Fee @ Rs. 400/- for each paper is to be remitted for registration of improvement examination.
A candidate cannot appear for SAY and Improvement examinations at the same time.
Conditions for improvement Examination.
1. (a) Candidate who opts for part I, II & III should have passed the entire subjects of the whole part.
(b) Candidate who opts for part I & II only should have passed the entire subjects of part I & II.
2. The candidate should appear for the improvement examination in the next immediate (SAY/Improvement) examination after passing the Vocational Higher Secondary Final Examination conducted in March as regular candidate.
3. A candidate can appear for improvement examination only once.
4. Improvement is permitted only in one subject.
5. The better marks secured by the candidate either at the first appearance or in the improvement examination in the particular subject will be awarded.
6. Fee for examination will be Rs.400/- per paper. Rs.400/- for subjects without practical examination and Rs.800/- for subjects with practical. (Candidates can have the option to improve only or both theory and practical).
7. A candidate cannot appear for both SAY examination and improvement examination together.
8. Improvement examination will be conducted along with the SAY examination.
All other rules and procedures for SAY examination will be as prevailing for the Final Vocational Higher Secondary Examination and for SAY examination as notified by the Director.
Application forms
Prescribed format given in the examination notification March 2009 and in the examination portal is to be used. The filled up application forms on proper verification should be kept in the institution itself. The details of the candidates who registered for the SAY Examination are to be uploaded to the examination portal by the school authorities. (The detailed instructions for the online registration will be given later.)
Submission of Application forms
The application should be submitted in the examination centre where the candidates have registered for Vocational Higher Secondary Examination March 2009 with copy of the mark list of March 2009 examination downloaded from the Internet and with front page of the SSLC book.
All the other rules and regulations relevant in respect of the Save A Year Examination and Improvement will be those of March 2009 examination vide the notification referred as 6th paper above.

II. Instructions to Chief Superintendents:
The heads of institutions must scrutinize the applications very carefully and ensure that all entries made therein by the candidate are correct and they agree with the records kept in the institution.
They must also ensure that the following documents are attached with application.
(i) Original chalan receipt of the fees remitted in the name of the candidate.
(ii) Attested copy of the score sheet of Vocational Higher Secondary Examination March 2009 downloaded from Internet.
(iii) Passport size photographs should be affixed on the application and attested by the head of institution.
Applications, which do not satisfy the above conditions, will have to be rejected by the head of institution. Such applications should not be entertained at any cost.
III. Hall Tickets

Hall tickets of the candidates should be downloaded from Internet and should be distributed to the candidates from wherever they have registered for ‘Save A Year Vocational Higher Secondary Education Examination June 2009’, compulsorily before the date of commencement of the examination. At the time of distribution of the hall tickets a passport size photograph should affixed on proper place and that should be attested by the Head of Institution. He/She should verify the correctness of details in the hall tickets.

IV. Question Papers
Question papers will be distributed to schools through the regional offices. The Chief Superintendent should be very careful in ascertaining the question paper packets and in opening the same in right time. Utmost care should be taken to distribute the Question Papers.

V. Question Paper Requirement (QPR)
Question papers required for each subject on the basis of the application received in the school should be worked out and forwarded to this office on or before 30/05/2009. If there is no application, a ‘NIL’ report is to be forwarded compulsorily.

VI. Appointment of Examiners

1. Deputy Chief Superintendent
The Assistant Directors will appoint Deputy Chief Superintendent in District Examination Centre and the Centres at which Typewriting and Shorthand practical are to be conducted.

2. Invigilators
The Assistant Directors will appoint invigilators to the District Examination centres. Number of invigilators to be posted will be intimated from the office of the undersigned in right time. The list of examiners appointed should be communicated to the undersigned for ratification.
3. Internal and External Examiners
The heads of institutions in consultation with the Assistant Directors, will appoint internal and external examiners subject to ratification of the undersigned. The Practical examinations will be conducted at the schools at which the students have registered their names for the SAY Examination.
VII. Despatch of Score Sheets and Answer Scripts
The Chief Superintendent of the examination centre will forward the practical score sheets and answer scripts bundles on the very same day for the forenoon examination and the next day for the after noon examination by registered post. For the time being, the answer scripts of different subjects should be packed separately along with the absentees statement noting the name and code of the subject on the cover. Such packets shall be forwarded to the centres as mentioned in page 7.
VIII. General Instructions
1. A subject-wise list of candidates with their register numbers will be issued to the Chief Superintendents of the District Examination Centres.
2. The Chief Superintendents will verify the list with the Hall Tickets duly affixed with the photograph of the candidates before permitting them to appear for the examination. A register for entering the details of candidate registered for ‘Save A Year Examination June 2009’ is to be maintained providing separate pages for each subject for recording the attendance of the candidates.
3. If any variation is noticed in the register number assigned in the Hall Ticket from the list of candidates, the register number in the list of candidates is to be corrected as per the assigned register number in the hall ticket and the candidate may be permitted to appear the examination as per the register number in the hall ticket.
4. The Assistant Directors will depute at least two clerks from the region to the district centres for the clerical work of the SAY Examination, and they will have a close contact with the examination centres till the end of the examination.
Any doubt in the conduct of the ‘Save A Year Examination’ has to be got cleared, in consultation with the examination office (Phone No: 0471-2324015, Mobile No: 9447402028), by the Assistant Directors and Chief Superintendents of Examination Centres.
IX. Date for receipts and remittance of Examination fees & Submission of applications
Last date of submission of applications along with attested copy of the Score sheet of March 2009 VHS Examination from Internet with front page of SSLC Book and Chalan in original in the centre where the candidate have appeared for the examination March 2009.
Submission of QPR
Last Date for Online Registration by the heads of institution 05-06-2009
Date of Issue of Hallticket 12-06-2009

X. Examination Schedule
Vocational and Non-Vocational Practical : 16/06/2009 to 20/06/2009
Theory : 22/06/2009 to 29/06/2009
Typewriting and Shorthand Practical : 30/06/2009 to 02/07/2009

Non-Vocational Subjects without - (FN) 9.30 am to 12.15 pm (including 15 minutes cool off time)
Practical and Vocational Subjects (AN) 2.00 pm to 4.45 pm (including 15 minutes cool off time)
Non-Vocational Subjects with - (FN) 9.30 am to 11.45 pm (including 15 minutes cool off time)
Practicals (AN) 2.00 pm to 4.15 pm (including 15 minutes cool off time)

22-06-2009 from 9.30 am MONDAY ENGLISH
24-06-2009 from 9.30 am WEDNESDAY CHEMISTRY
25-06-2009 from 9.30 am THURSDAY MATHEMATICS
26-06-2009 from 9.30 am FRIDAY BIOLOGY

Typewriting Examination

Office Secretaryship – Typewriting
30-06-2009 - Tuesday
Typewriting English Paper – I - 9.00 am to 9.10 am
Typewriting English Paper – II - 9.30 am to 11.30 am
Typewriting Malayalam Paper – I - 1.30 pm to 1.40 pm
Typewriting Malayalam Paper – II - 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm

Office Secretaryship - Shorthand
01/07/2009 - Wednesday
Shorthand English Paper – I (Dictation) - 9.00 am to 9.10 am
Shorthand English Paper – I (Transcription) - 9.20 am to 10.50 am
Shorthand English Paper – II - 11.00 am to 1.30 pm
Shorthand Malayalam Paper – I (Dictation) - 2.00 pm to 2.10 pm
Shorthand Malayalam Paper – I (Transcription) - 2.20 pm to 3.50 pm
Shorthand Malayalam Paper – II - 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm
02/07/2009 - Thursday
(for Travel & Tourism/Accountancy & Auditing/General Insurance/Marketing & Salesmanship/Reception, Book-Keeping and Communication/Banking Assistance)
Typewriting English Paper – I - 9.00 am to 9.10 am
Typewriting English Paper – II - 9.30 am to 11.30 am
All the Vocational and Non-Vocational Practical Examination : 16/06/2009 to 20/06/2009

The Answer Scripts packets of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Allappuzha, Pathanamthitta & Kottayam Districts should be forward to The Principal, Government Vocational Higher Secondary School for Girls, Thrissur – 680020 the Answer Scripts of Idukki, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Wayanad, Kannur & Karasgode Districts should be forward to The Principal, Govt: V. H. S. School for Girls, Manacaud, Manacaud. P. O., Thiruvananthapuram – 695009 on the very same day of the forenoon examination and on the next day of the after noon examination by registered post, without fail. The Practical Score sheets and other documents related to the examination should be forward to the examination office (The Secretary, Vocational Higher Secondary Examination Office, IVth Floor, Housing Board Building, Santhi Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram – 695001) without delay.

District wise Examination Centres of SAY – June 2009 Theory Examination
District Name of District Examination Centre Centre No
Thiruvananthapuram Govt. VHSS for Girls, Manacaud, Thiruvananthapuram 1/21
Kollam Govt. VHSS for Boys, Kollam 2/10
Alappuzha Govt. VHSS for Boys, Mavelikkara 3/2
Pathanamthitta Republican VHSS, Konni 4/18
Kottayam Govt. VHSS, Kanakkari 5/9
Idukki Govt. VHSS, Thodupuzha 6/1
Ernakulam S. R. V. VHSS, Ernakulam 7/13
Thrissur Govt. Model VHSS for Girls, Thrissur 8/17
Malappuram Govt. VHSS for Boys, Vengara 10/23
Kozhikode Govt. VHSS for Girls, Nadakkavu 11/13
Wayanad Govt. VHSS, Kalpetta 12/3
Kannur Govt. VHSS, Payyannur 13/9
Kasargod Govt. VHS & THS, Cheruvathur 14/5

Practical Examination will be conducted in the centres where the candidate have registered and appeared for Vocational Higher Secondary Examination March 2009.
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