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SSLC result

School : 23031 : Pompei St. Mary's H S Kattoor
Kattoor P O
School Going
295958 (C+B+D C+C C D+C+C B ) 295959 (B+A+C B+C+C+C B C+B+) 295960 (B B D C C C D+C+D+C+)
295961 (A A D+B B C D+B D+B ) 295962 (A B D+C+B C+D+C+D+B+) 295963 (B+A+C B+C+C C B C B+)
295964 (B+A C C+C+C D+B C B ) 295965 (A+A+A A+A+A A+A A+A+) 295966 (A A+C+B+B+B+B+B+A B+)
295967 (A A C+B+A B+A A+B+A ) 295968 (B A D+C+C C+C C+C B+) 295969 (A A C B B C+C+B+C B+)
295970 (B+B+C B+D+D+D+C+D+B+) 295971 (A A B+B+B B B B+A A ) 295972 (B+B+D+C+D+C C C+D+B+)
295973 (A+A B B+C+B B+A B A ) 295974 (B+A+C B C C+B+C+B B+) 295975 (C B D+D+D+C D C C B+)
295976 (C B+D+C C C C C D+B+) 295977 (C B D+D+D D+D+D+D B ) 295978 (B B+C C C C D+C D+B+)
295979 (B A C C C+C+C+C+C+B+) 295980 (B+A+B+C+B C+C+B B A ) 295981 (C B C+D+D+C D+C D+B+)
295982 (A B+B C C+C C C+C+A ) 295983 (C+B+C C D+C C C B B+) 295984 (B+A+C C C+C+C+C+B B+)
295985 (B B+D+C D+C D+C+D+A ) 295986 (A A+A B+C+B+A B+A A+) 295987 (A+A C+C D+C D+C+D+A )
295988 (B B C C D+C C C D+B+) 295989 (B B+C C+D+C+C C+C B+) 295990 (C C+D+C D D+D+C C B )
295991 (A A+C C D+C+C C+C+A ) 295992 (B B D+D+C C D+C D+B+) 295993 (B+A C C C C C+C+C+B+)
295994 (B+C+D+C D+C C C D+B+) 295995 (D+D+D D+D D+D+D+D B ) 295996 (B B D+C D+D+C C D+B+)
295997 (C D+D D+D D D+D+D C+) 295998 (B+A C B C C+C B C+B+) 295999 (B B D+C+D+C D+C+D B )
296000 (A A+C+B A B+A A B A ) 296001 (B+B+C D+C C B B D+B ) 296002 (C B+D+C D+C C+B D+B+)
296003 (C+B+C C+C+C+B B D+B+) 296004 (A+A+B A+A A+A+A+A+A+) 296005 (B+B+B B C+B C+A B A+)
296006 (C+B C+C+C C B C+C+B+) 296007 (B B C D+D+C C C+C+B+) 296008 (A A B B C C+B B+C+A )
296009 (B B C+D+D+C+D+B+D+B+) 296010 (B+B C+C D+C+D+B C B+) 296011 (B A B C+D+C D+C+C B+)
Total No. of Students = 54
Total No. of Students Eligible for Higher Studies = 46
Total No. of Students need Improvement = 8
Total No. of Students Absent in All Subjects = 0
Total No. of Students in WithHeld = 0
Total No. of Students in RAL(Result Announced Later) = 0
The grades awarded for the candidate along with the register number is given in the following
order. First Language-I, First Language-II, English, Hindi, Social Science, Physics, Chemistry,
Biology, Maths and Information Technology.
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