State Life Insurance(SLI), Group Insurance Scheme(GIS) and Viswas Portal

Updating Passbooks of GIS Subscribers and SLI Policy Holders

The govt has published an order on 28.07.2017 regarding adding the details of premium and its updatation of govt employees who are members of State Life Insurnce(SLI) and Group Insurance Scheme(GIS) in Viswas Portal as part of digitalization. As per this order, instructions have been given for the updation of pass book and collecting the same by the DDO. So it is the responsibility of the DDO to include the policy details and premium to be paid details of all govt employees in Viswas Portal.

Each govt employee would have one GIS account. If any one has two GIS accounts, the first one can be retained and the second one can be cancelled. An application has to be given to the insurance office to cancel it. In the case of SLI, each govt employee may have more than one policy.

All govt employees should enter the details of premium such as premium – till date, number of terms paid and get it countersigned by the DDO of the institution of that period where they were working. The copies of all pages of this passbook must be submitted to the DDO. It should be endorsed by the DDO of the time and date of encashment also be entered. The scanned copy of the first page of the pass book of all policies should be updated in the software (even the mobile photo is sufficient).

The month and year entered in the first page of pass book would be that of the policy beginning period. Like wise, the amount entered in the first page is the first premium. The maturity date of SLI policy would be that entered in SLI pass book whereas for the GIS policy, the maturity date is the date of retirement year and month.

At the time of GIS premium increase, premium details (month of increase of the premium, year, increased premium amount, salary scale of the month) etc should be entered. If the premium is not paid for continuous six months, the current policy would be considered as a lapsed policy. Though the premium is paid after six months, it would be considered as a lapsed policy only. Details of such policies need not be uploaded. To revive such policies after six months break, the employee should contact the insurance office and submit an application to renew it. After that only, the details can be uploaded. Since final submission can be done only after the inclusion of details of all staff of the institution, lapsed policies should be renewed on submission of application as early as possible. Once the details above said are collected, it can be included in the software.

Help file regarding SLI / GIS premium of previous period, each term premium amount and how to collect such details can be downloaded from the link.
Updating Passbooks of GIS Subscribers and SLI Policy holders in Viswas Portal-Help file and User Manual
Computerisation of KSID - updating SLI/GIS premium deductions in passbook-Instruction- Issued.Circular No.No.31/2017/Fin dtd 29.04.2017
Group Insurance Scheme-Online Portal Viswas-Computerisation of SLI and GIS. GO(P)No97-2017-Fin dated 28-07-2017

User Manual for Viswas Portal
State Life Insurance Department have introduced the facility to file applications online for Group Insurance Scheme(GIS) Membership and Claims through the portal Viswas. Click the below link for Guidelines and user manual for the new GIS portal Viswas.
Group Insurance Scheme-Online Portal Viswas User Manual
Group Insurance Scheme-Online Portal Viswas

GIS Account Number to 12 Digit Account Number
The help file and portal link for converting your GIS Account Number to 12 Digits is given below
Convert your GIS account Number to 12 Digits Conversion system-Help File
Convert your GIS account Number to 12 Digits Conversion system-Portal Link

Enhancement of GIS Subscription Rate
Government have revised the classification of Scale of Pay of Groups and rate of subscription of Kerala State Employees Group Insurance Scheme(GIS).Click the below link for Govt Order.
Group Insurance Scheme(GIS)-Classification and Rate of Subscription-Revised. GO(P)No.112/2016/Fin Dated 01.08.2016
Group Insurance Scheme-Enhancement of Rate of Interest - GO(P) No 533-13-Fin dated 25-10-2013
Group Insurance Scheme-Enhancement of Subscription Rate GO(P) No 381/2011 Fin dated 06-09-2011

Group Insurance Scheme Membership
The circular regarding the time to enroll the Group Insurance scheme and different forms for GIS admission are available here.
Group Insurance Scheme-Time to enroll in the scheme revised.Order GO(RT) No.460/2015 fin dtd 13.10.2015
Group Insurance Scheme-Related Forms

State Life Insurance Scheme Membership
The general guidelines,Application form and Nomination form for State life insurance scheme(SLI) is given below.
State Life Insurance (SLI) - Application-General Guidelines
State Life Insurance (SLI) - Application form
State Life Insurance (SLI) - Nomination form

Enhancement of SLI Subscription Rate
Government have revised the classification of Scale of Pay of Groups and rate of premium of Kerala State Life Insurance(SLI).The revised rate will come to force with effect from 01.01.2017, i.e salary for the Month of December 2016. For details view/download GO(P)No.149/16/Fin Dated 04.10.2016.
State Life Insurance (SLI) - Premium Rates Revised-GO(P)No.149/16/Fin Dated 04.10.2016

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