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+2 കഴിഞ്ഞു; ഇനി എന്തെടുത്ത് പഠിക്കണം? Compendium of Academic Courses After +2,

The compendium of courses after +2, is an earnest effort of the board to facilitate students
while scouting for right course choices. While all care has been taken to provide information,
although in brief, about the traditional, popular and new age courses, it still may not be as
comprehensive considering that there are an estimated 900 universities and over 41,000
colleges in the country providing higher education and teaching a plethora of subjects. The
intention is limited to creating awareness among the students (please also see disclaimer).
The board will not be responsible for any inadvertent omission, variation in information,
nature of courses and availability in a particular institute that may take place over time. For
details, classifications or combinations, users are requested to visit the official websites of
UGC, AICTE, NAAC and individual institutes.

**Disclaimer: The list of courses and that of Institutes/Universities is in no way exhaustive. These
lists are only illustrative and are expected to generate enough curiosity in the child to want to
inquire/explore further on the scope, possibilities, avenues, etc. for each of these courses and/or for
looking for other options/areas that go beyond these courses. It may also be noted that most of
these courses are also offered by several private institutions/universities. The reader is expected to
further research on this. Efforts will be made to update the content to the extent possible.

Central Board of Secondary Education India


PSMVHSS Kattoor, Thrissur
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