Chithra Rachana Kalari

The school children attending the sand-moulding session as part of the Chithra Rachana Kalari, a programme jointly organised by Mullassery block panchayat and the Kerala Lalithakala Akademi, Thrissur at the beach here on Thursday.

Lalithakala Akadami award winner sculptor V.K. Jayan handled the sand-moulding session. Around 100 children from 43 schools under Mullassery educational subdivision are attending the art camp being conducted on the Sanskrit College campus at Pavaratty.

Block panchayat president M.P. Sidharthan, Lalithakala Akademi executive director Ponnyam Chandran, camp progaramme coordinator Geofox and block panchayat members and teachers are monitoring the eight-day camp.

The students will be trained in pencil drawing, water colour painting, paperpulp, sand and clay sculpturing. It is for the first time that students from Pavaratty, Venkidangu, Mullassery and Elavally are exposed to an art workshop and seminar, said block vice-president K.P. Ali.

The Chithra Rachana Kalari will conclude on February 16.
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