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St.Joseph's Higher Secondary School, Pavaratty

St. Joseph’s High School, Pavaratty is the first High School begun by Fathers in South Malabar area. Started in 1905, this High School got recognition from Madras Govt. in 1908.
St. Joseph’s High School has public support in all its activities and undertakings. This school is the Alma mater of many a brilliant young man who has excelled in public life.
This premier institution has opened up employment opportunities to many in the past. In 1956 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India visited our school.
St. Joseph’s High School acquired a new dimension when in 1970 it started “St. Savio Boys Home” for poor students irrespective of caste and community.
Another specialty of St. Joseph’s High School is the functioning of both Navy and Army N.C.C. wings in the same school.
St. Joseph’s has also started a computer training programme with a view to help students adapt themselves to the challenges of the fast changing modern world.
In the new situation of delinking pre – degree course from colleges, the management of St. Joseph’s High School proposes to come forward with massive plans to raise this school to higher secondary level, with all facilities. In the last Academic year HSS is the best in Kerala State.
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