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Each of us feel blessed when we think of the opportunity we got to come together and to spend the precious ‘ spring’ of life in this institution. Though we came first to this school with a lot of Hopes & Expectation, also same anxieties. In the midst of these anxieties, we feel much comfortable of each moment spent in this love dale. Loving Teachers & Friends in this school influenced us much.
Mean while came Fresher’s Day event which stays us an unforgettable day in our minds. Fresher’s Day was the special occasion when each of us could perform our own skills in addition to more process acquainting each other.
The programme of coming to the forefront and débuting yourself before the crowd by the drawing lot was really a process which enhances the persuality development of each student. Though the Freshers day event we could acquaint each other and more than that a real friendship we created among learners. It gave us a new experience not acquired till the forth grade. The most important thing is the feel it created among us that “WE ARE ALL UNITED TOGETHER”
Sri Simon sir explained about various clubs functioning here and the mode of their activities along with teacher in charge of each club. He also spoke about school disciplines and rules. Like we are being loved and respected in this institution, we also have to love and respect it. This was a valuable advice his speech enabled us to reach a different level of ideas.
Each day we spent in this school campus is very valuable. Each morning brings new knowledge and experience to us. Let us kindle the lamp of knowledge.
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    now i remember my school days and friends
  2. we are miss you sir........................................................... your 2010-2011(year) student............