NSQF COURSES Online Materials – Volume-II(29-06-2020)

1.Field Technician Computing Peripherals (NSQF)

2.Optical Fibre Technician (NSQF)

3.Distribution Line Man (NSQF)

4.Cable Jointer Electrical Power System (NSQF)

5.Domestic Biometric Data Entry Operator (NSQF)

6.Micro Irrigation Technician (NSQF)

7.Floriculturist (Open Cultivation) (NSQF)

8.Gardener (NSQF)

9.General Duty Assistant (NSQF)

10.Beauty Therapist (NSQF)

11.Customer Service Executive (Meet and Greet) (NSQF)

12.Sales Associates (NSQF)

13.Auto Service Technician level 4 (NSQF)

14.Plumber(General) II (NSQF)

15.Dairy Farmer/Entrepreneur (NSQF)

16.Floriculturist Protected Cultivation (NSQF)

17.Self Employed Tailor (NSQF)

PSMVHSS Kattoor, Thrissur
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