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TE Questions

Choose the correct answer from the hollowing given in brackets. 

1. Foreman comes under level ormanagemcnt. 
(a) Top (b) Middle (c) Lower (d) All levels 

2. The essence of management is called ................... 
(a) Planning (b) Organising (c) Co-ordination (d) Staffing It. 

Short answer questions 
1. List the important features of management. 
2. Prepare a seminar report on the topic "Management Functions". 
3. "Administration is a higher level function as compared to Management" Do you agree with this statement? State reasons. 
4. Briefly explain the features of management. 
5. Write a short note on the objectives of management. 
6. Explain the levels of management with the help of a diagram. 
7. Briefly explain the different concepts of management. 
8. Expand the acronym PODSCORB' 
9. Complete the series : 
Non-business organisation :  Administration
Business Organisation  :  .....................

10. Complete the diagram

Extended Activity 
Visit a nearby organization in your locality and observe the various positions in the organization and their functions and prepare a report. 
PSMVHSS Kattoor, Thrissur
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